Special Gases

    Puregas is the sole and approved distributor of Matheson speciality gas products and equipment in Southern Africa. Our focus is on supplying the laboratory gases market with top end, NIST traceable calibration standards and research grade pure gases, as well as Instrument Grade, Ultra High Purity and High Purity gases. Combining the brand name, recognition and reputation for quality of Matheson with the proven service reliability and customer focus of Puregas makes the Puregas product and service offer an extremely attractive choice for our customers.

    Our world class special gases filling plant, that was installed and commissioned in 2012 to Matheson standards, is used to produce certain pure gases and simple mixtures, whilst the full Matheson range of gases and equipment is available as imports.


    Puregas offers the complete range of Matheson gas mixtures to various accuracies and tolerances required by the user. Pure gases and gas mixtures are also available in a wide range of cylinder sizes ranging from large to small portable cylinders.

    Pure gases on offer vary in purity between N2 to N6 to suit every application. A wide range of pure gases is supplied ex stock with very short lead times, whilst the lead time on imported mixtures varies from 1-8 weeks, depending on the complexities and blend tolerances of the mixture.

    Pure gases in our range include Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide ex stock and a wide range of other Pure Gases which can be imported from Matheson.


    Mixtures of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide  are supplied in a range of concentrations, from 10% ETO to 90% ETO. These mixtures are supplied in cylinders in varying sizes and used for the Sterilisation of Surgical Equipment and Fumigation.


    As technology moves from inside the lab to the outside world, Matheson Portables make calibration easy, accurate and reliable.

    Matheson Portables come in a variety of cylinder sizes to meet application needs for industrial hygiene and safety, environmental monitoring, toxic organic measurements and laboratory field analysis, to name a few.


    Metallurgical Propane is supplied in bulk or 48kg cylinders and used for heating, heat treatment, curing or baking ovens, etc