Puregas Mission

Puregas will further develop our position as a leading supplier of Speciality Gases in sub-Saharan Africa through focus on customer service and safety. We will achieve this by continuing to be the leading supplier of high quality, environment friendly propellant to the aerosol manufacturing and foam blowing markets in Southern Africa. Puregas will further develop our special products, Ammonia, CO2 and niche LPG business and expand into other niche gas and chemical markets. This will be achieved utilizing our core people, process, service and logistics capabilities and by investing in infrastructure, developing greenfield businesses and acquiring new businesses.



  • Our people create our success (accountability, trust, transparency, respect)
  • Responsible and capable people can make a difference
  • People are encouraged to contribute and grow thereby empowering them
  • We support the development of people and coach/train people for success
  • Equality – equal opportunities for all irrespective of seniority, age, gender, ethnicity, religion and any other differences


  • Employees own their jobs and take full responsibility for them within defined boundaries
  • Employees are accountable for their actions and for achieving their agreed goals