Ozone Friendly Propellants

    Ozone Friendly Propellants


    Puregas propellants are high purity unstenched butane and propane hydrocarbons, derived from the distillation of crude oil. It is essentially free of unsaturates, sulphurs and mercaptans as can be determined by their clean odour. Our propellants are certified to the highest quality for use in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, personal care and other aerosols.

    Hydrocarbon propellants are available in a number of different pressure grades ranging from 2 bar to 7.8 bar gauge measured at 25ºC. The consistent high quality makes them suitable for use in odour sensitive aerosol products such as deodorants, anti-perspirants, perfume sprays, etc.

    Unstenched butane is used in all foam blowing applications. The low-pressure properties are suitable for food packaging applications in flexible and foam packaging.

    Our aerosol propellants are available in bulk road tankers or in 48kg cylinders; as well as 11 ton ISO tank containers for export. We currently supply the majority of the South African Aerosol industry with delivery across the country. We also export to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania and Mauritius.

    Two grades of butane/propane mixtures are available:

    • Industrial Grade
      Applications include: Insecticides, Air Fresheners, Surface Cleaners, Mace Spray, Oven Cleaners, Car Care Aerosols, Spray Paint and Lubrication Sprays.
    • Cosmetic Grade
      Applications include: Personal Care Products, Shaving Creams


    DME is a widely used aerosol propellant and offers unique advantages such as solvency power and water miscibility. Due to the flexibility offered by these advantages DME is used in aerosols such as Paint, Hairsprays and other technical aerosol products.

    DME is supplied in bulk or in 62kg cylinders.


    Metallurgical Propane is supplied in bulk or 48kg cylinders and used for heating, heat treatment, curing or baking ovens, etc