Musawenkosi Day Care Arrival of Cleanflush Toilet

At Puregas we recognise our responsibility to all our stakeholders. One very important stakeholder is the community in which we operate and we believe that giving back to the community is an essential part of having a successful business. Helping to address the needs and concerns of these communities enhances our reputation, entrenches our position in the community and is in line with our goal of being a responsible corporate citizen. One such Social Responsibility project is the support we give to the Musawenkosi Day Care Centre situation in Vosloorus.

The theme this year was Education and donations from the staff of puzzles, colouring-in books, crayons, building blocks together with the Puregas contribution made for a fun morning with the children. Rebecca who runs the centre was overjoyed with all the donations, especially the stationery which was in very short supply. The interaction with the children was such a wonderful experience and brought huge smiles to all the faces.Our most recent project had Rebecca and the little children of the Musawenkosi Day Care overjoyed when the truck arrived carrying their new ablution facility. A crane was required to off-load the facility onto the now cured cement slab – all sponsored by Puregas. Staff scurried to clean the unit while Puregas staff and MD Philip Cloete assisted with placing all the accessories brought along.

Previously, the only ablution on the property, were two very small long-drop toilets situated in the open which were also very dangerous. After many visits to the day care centre, for various other projects done, Puregas felt it important to give the little ones as well as the adult teachers some dignity. The decision was made to install the “Clear flush Toilet” which was specifically designed for rural areas and took six weeks to manufacture.
Puregas will maintain this facility which is a self-contained unit with 2 toilets and basins serviced with normal domestic water. After 600 to 700 flushes, regular servicing will be required by pumping the 750-L tank with a Honeysucker.
The company will continue to support this institution as part of our social responsibility drive as it’s from this very young age that the future leaders of our country are developed and education is key to this.