Health and Safety

    We are committed to:

    • Providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and neat work environment for all employees
    • Following an agreed procedure to identify, report, record and rectify unsafe conditions and practices
    • Providing health & safety training and discussions at all levels
    • Encouraging employees to develop a safe and healthy culture at work and at home
    • Measuring, by means of a formal evaluation system, the extent to which safety objectives are being met
    • The development of a responsible Major Hazardous Installation
    • Safety as a way of life
    • Encouraging all staff to ‘Do your own safety survey’
    • Providing Hydrocarbon Aerosol Propellant Safety Training Courses
    • The National Road Traffic Act 1996 (Act 93 of 1996) Dangerous Goods legislation effective as from 10th October 2001

    Click here to download the “SHEQ Policy”