Puregas hosted a flame bending exercise for the COJEMS Training Academy, Fire & HAZMAT division during June 2011.

Divisional Chief, Freddy Thaver who leads the training program strongly believes that the trainees must be exposed to real life situations. Thaver co-ordinates a five week intense training session where the team is exposed to Butane/Propane fire, Radiation emergencies, Hazardous Material spills with practical and theory examinations amongst others.

Puregas saw this opportunity to get directly involved in the development of the future Fire Fighters of Ekhurhuleni and Johannesburg. Wihan Fourie, SHEEQ Manager for Puregas, emphasized that not only does this contribute to the reassurance of the Petrochemical Industrys protection, but this is an indication of Puregas commitment to the social responsibility they have towards the local community by assisting in training the protectors of the local communities.

Puregas is well aware of the negativity in the media about the EMS the last couple of months and therefore assists and will continue to assist the Fire Fighter in training to become the rescuers they strive to be.

Puregas thanks COJEMS for the commitment they have in self-development.

On the day of the training Puregas provided the LPG for the exercise.

Flame bending at Puregas