Equity & Skills Development

    Puregas strives to achieve a work environment that is fair and equitable for all employees. Our Employment Equity is achieved and supported by the company’s ETD (Education, training & development) strategy.

    The aim of the ETD strategy is to enhance a culture of ongoing development and personal learning by offering opportunities to individuals for self-advancement, which will enable them to play a more productive role in society.

    ETD interventions will give priority to programmes that are accredited according to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), they should remain responsive to company-specific needs, the industry, as well as national development needs.

    Puregas Equity Statement

    Another main focus of Puregas ETD strategy is our Life skills awareness program. Here the aim is not to address job-specific skills, but to provide tools/awareness to all employees on areas and topics, that will assist them in a personal capacity. Here are some examples of initiatives within this specific program:

    • Budgeting principles & Financial fitness
    • Planning for your retirement
    • Taking responsibility for your health
    • On-site medical related checks /testing (i.e. TB, eye testing)
    • Caring for, and taking responsibility of, your animals
    • Meditation as Stress Management

    In addition to these initiatives, the following are examples of other job-related training initiatives implemented:

    • Advanced, anti-collision driver training
    • On-going safety training
    • Personal development programs