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    Environmental Safety Awarded

    In November, the SC Johnson Rosslyn Plant was awarded for its 43-year partnership with PureGas. That means we are still keeping to our promise of taking care of the environment at the plant.
    PUREGAS (Pty) Ltd, was established in 1971 and is recognised as Sothern Africa’s leading supplier of purified and blended hydrocarbon propellants.

    Lorraine Brummer & Wiseman Zinyanga receive the prize on behalf of the plant.

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    PUREGAS Annual Partnership Event

    The Annual Puregas Partnership event, hosted in Parkmore, Sandton on 26 September 2018 saw the hilarious award-winning Dr Riaad Moosa entertaining the guests as MC and Comedian.
    This year was not the usual awards event as previously held, but an event honouring customers/associates and suppliers who have partnered with Puregas over the years. Managing Director, Philip Cloete, took guests on a journey down memory lane highlighting partners from the past 25 years and 40 years.

    Aran Additives / Mpact / Indigo Cosmetics / Richard Hallam / Clarke Colours / Revlon / RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) / Unilever / Rolfe Laboratories / Dabur (formerly CTL) / SMP and Peggy van Manen

    Norman Sanan / SC Johnson (formerly Johnson Wax) / Tiger Brands (formerly Robertsons) / Oryx Energies (formerly BP)
    With safety always being a major focus of the company, Debra Mitchell from ISHECON was invited to speak about major hazard installations (MHIs). Focus was placed on the forthcoming regulatory changes passed by the Department of Labour last year.

    We would like to thank everyone who made the effort to attend and look forward to next year’s event.

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    Basic Education Support Programme

    2018 saw the introduction of the Puregas Basic Education Support Programme for children of staff. With education being a key focus in South Africa, Puregas is proud to be able to contribute to this drive by assisting employees financially through this programme.
    The programme provides financial assistance for basic education by contributing to school fees for employees’ children currently in grade 1 to grade 12. During the 2018 school year, a total of 16 learners will benefit from this program.
    We look forward to continuing with this initiative and by doing so enable staff to provide their children with high quality basic education that will provide them with a good foundation for their future.

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    Puregas Partnership Awards 2017

    September 27th was one of the highlights on the Puregas calendar for 2017. The Annual Partnership Awards were held at the World Trade Centre in Morningside, with stunning views of the Sandton skyline.

    As always, the focus of the event is to acknowledge our customers, with the main emphasis being on the results of the safety audits done by our Technical Manager Grant Gascoinge. Once again we’d like thank our customers participating in these audits and congratulate all the award winners.
    Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the progress made with installing the new 500m33 butane storage vessel. After two years of planning and regulatory approvals this project is finally coming to fruition, with the project expected to be completed by end of November 2017. This project was started, as Propellant supply has always been a concern and will give Puregas an additional 250 ton of storage. This will improve Puregas’ ability to ensure the continuity of propellant supply to its partners during shortages.

    Guest speaker, Clem Sunter gave an informative adaptation on how to be a fox, to juggle ideas and adapt to how the world is changing. Sunter highlighted the cloudy and clockwork flags changing the global business game, leaving guests enlightened on the importance of leadership and nurturing entrepreneurial spark.

    We would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers and guests for attending the awards and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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    Puregas Storage Expansion Project

    “The installation of the 500m³ bulk vessel which was mounded together with the 385m³ bulk vessel was completed successfully with all associated pipework and upgrades to safety on the 28th February 2018.
    It was a project which was a first for Puregas, that highlights what Puregas can do, and how passionate Puregas is with regards to satisfying the needs of its customers as well as to the safety of its business and environment.
    As a participant in the process of the project I am very proud to have been part of this development.” Grant Gascoinge – Technical Manager

    The installation of the 500m³ bulk vessel which was mounded together with the 385m³ bulk vessel was completed successfully with all associated pipework and upgrades to safety on the 28th February 2018.

    STEP 5
    Thursday, 21st October finally saw the arrival of the long awaited 500m3 storage tank. Great excitement as the driver used all his skills to manoeuvre the tanker into position to hoist it onto the plinths. Well done to Grant Gascoinge, technical manager for managing this project over the past months to eventually get to this point.
    All is not over yet, as the tank will now need to go through the same process as the 383m3 tank with the end result being both tanks mounded.

    STEP 4
    The mounding for the 300m3 tank has been completed and the area has been cleared for the arrival of the 500m3 tank.

    STEP 3
    The black covering on the tank is the corrosion protection applied by Stopaq. An international company that specialises in the protection of vessels and piping. And as we are mounding the tank it is a necessary requirement to ensure the integrity and longevity of the vessel. The same will be done for the 500m3 tank before we cover it with filler material.

    STEP 2
    Preparation for the concrete base and supports for the mound.
    Filling with sand and compacting it up to the height of the concrete plinths. (NEW PIC)

    STEP 1
    Broke ground on 7th May and the nitrogen tank was relocated to make way for the construction of the mound (a concrete structure) being built around the current 380m3 tank as well as the new 500m3 tank.

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    Puregas announces expansion plans

    The company is expanding its storage capacity and upgrading its processes and plant safety measures. These developments will ensure continuity of supply and enhanced product quality to meet customers’ needs.

    The South African aerosols industry has grown consistently over the past few years, which has resulted in an increase in demand for propellant from Puregas. While the company’s volumes continue to grow, unfortunately the local supply of gas has declined or at best remained constant. As a result, Puregas has been importing product by bulk ship to ensure supply interruptions do not affect its business or that of its customers. This has led to the need for a new on-site storage tank, which will act as a stock buffer when supply interruptions occur.
    ‘Customer service is core to our philosophy,’ says Philip Cloete, MD of Puregas. ‘Ensuring continuity of supply is central to this, which is why we are embarking on a project to install a new 500m3 gas storage tank, which is scheduled to be commissioned during the fourth quarter of 2017.’
    The tank is being produced locally by Sikelela Steel – an engineering company that specialises in manufacturing quality pressure vessels for gas storage.
    At the forefront of quality and safety Along with customer service, safety-centric measures are central to Puregas’ success. The company’s technical manager, Grant Gascoigne says that the project has received the necessary approvals and all safety and environmental aspects of the installation will be overseen by Puregas’ SHEQ manager, Thomas Xaba.
    ‘The new tank has the capacity to store 500 000l of propellant, and will be the largest tank situated on the Puregas site,’ Gascoigne explains. ‘In terms of the physical installation, the tank will be mounded above ground, resulting in reduced fire water usage and minimal environmental impact.
    Loading arms will also be fitted at three positions for the offloading of road and rail tankers, and the loading of road tankers. We believe this is a first for independent gas companies in South Africa.’
    The expansion project will also see Puregas increase its amount of on-site gas detection and expand on its process flexibility to shorten the processing time to attain the refined finished product. This is particularly important in the treatment of imported propellant.
    These developments are set to position Puregas as a supplier of choice to the personal care, home care and wider aerosol industry.

    New GM for Puregas
    At the end of January, Puregas welcomed its new GM of sales and operations. Jaco Wiese has a chemical engineering background and vast experience in the gas sector. His appointment forms part of the company’s succession plan with Duncan Bell having recently retired.
    In his new role, Wiese will continue to build the company’s core focus of customer service and the solid relationships that already exist with its propellant customers. ‘Everyone talks of customer centricity, but at Puregas, the team lives by this,’ he explains. ‘It’s refreshing to see this ethos engrained in everything we do.’
    Wiese is a practical person who enjoys tech gadgets and tinkering in his spare time. His hands-on approach and love for technology will stand in good stead to drive efficiencies within Puregas while enhancing its already strong focus on customer service.

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    With the ongoing scheduled and unscheduled refinery shutdowns, Puregas continues to import propellant from various sources.

    In addition to importing product via bulk ship, pictured below are just three of the many butane isotainers carrying imported product on route to Puregas.

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    Annual Partnership Awards

    Recognition for the high standards achieved in Safety is the heart of the Annual Partnership Awards function. This year the event was held at Langhams on September the 29th where in addition to the awards, guests were entertained and inspired by motivational speaker Robin Banks.

    The aerosol industry relies on the ongoing partnership with the Fire Departments. This partnership is critical to the industry and this year Daniel Jansen van Vuuren from the Kempton Park Fire Department announced his retirement. As Danie has worked with Puregas and the industry for a number of years, we took the opportunity to present a token of our appreciation to the service that he has given and to wish him well with his future endeavours.

    Throughout the year, Grant Gascoigne, Technical manager at Puregas audits Puregas’ Propellant customers on their safety compliance. The partnership rating with Puregas does not stop at the audits, as customers are also scored on their relationship with the Puregas Operations, Logistics and Accounts. Together these make up the results for the Awards in three different categories being, Category A – large Bulk customers, Category B – medium and small bulk customers and Category C for cylinder customers only.

    Awards this year went to:
    Winner: Unilever
    1st Runner-up: Consumer, a division of Tiger Brands
    2nd Runner-up: Reckitt Benckiser

    Winner: Clarke Colours
    1st Runner-up: Vitafoam
    2nd Runner-up: Cibapac

    Winner: Prime Products
    1st Runner-up: BNG Packing & Technology CC
    2nd Runner-up: Wrapsa

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    NWU Signs MoU with Puregas

    A unique memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the Mafikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU) and Puregas on 7 September. The MoU opens the doors for collaborative research with a specific focus on the possible use of ammonia gas to improve the quality of fibrous feed materials used in animal diets and explore ways in which the ammonia can be used in crop production.

    In attendance at the signing of the MoU was the rector of the campus, Prof Mashudu Dhavana-Maselesele, Willie Coetzee and Wihan Fourie, representatives of Puregas.

    As part of the MoU between the two institutions, funding for two students in the field of research will be made available, viz Getrude Chelopo (PhD Animal Science) and Thabo Butane (MSc Animal Science).  In addition, Dr Lebo Motsei, Prof Victor Mlambo and Prof Upenyu Marume will be the principal researchers spearheading the partnership.

    It is expected that the collaboration between NWU and Puregas will derive mutual benefits particularly with regard to the diversification of the use of ammonia gas by Puregas, and access of research funds by the NWU. Such a linkage may promote greater involvement of NWU in deriving technologies that are useful in the industry.


    THABO FRANS BUTHANE – South African Council for Natural Scientific professions Candidate Animal Scientist ( 100149/15).

    Thabo is a BSc Agriculture (Animal and plant production) graduate studying towards his Master’s Degree.

    Thabo’s experience thus far has been his involvement in the following:

    1. Data collection and analysis from a research which involved feeding Lucerne legume to dairy calves.
    2. National Poultry Value chain project planning, project implementation and project performance reporting, project management, project budgeting, project monitoring and evaluation.
    3. Supervision of research technicians (9 people) and Marketers (9 people).
    4. Poultry production farmer training, Poultry production training manual development, Hatchery production farmer training, Abattoir production farmer training, Feed-mill production farmer training.
    5. Technology transfer of research in beef for Limpopo farmers.

    GERTRUDE MANAKEDI CHELOPO holds a degree in B.Sc Agriculture in Animal production as well as her M.Sc in Agriculture production (Animal Nutrition) degree.

    Her M.Sc. degree research was focused on the dietary energy level on feedlot cattle under high ambient temperatures. She is currently a Research Student at the Agricultural Research Council- Animal Production Institute in Beef Cattle Nutrition and management. Gertrude participates in the day to day running of the beef cattle unit (Feedlot), Designing experimental protocols, practically initiating and running research experiments, Data capturing, record keeping, Managing and reporting to mentor on the progress of the experiments in the section and also assisting in farmers day organisation and presenting advising on feeding and feed management.

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    Movers and Shakers

    Movers and Shakers

    Movers and ShakersOur SHEQ manager Thomas Xaba who has been with the company for almost 5 years was promoted to SHEQ/HR Manager together with Gugu Makhathini as his HR Assistant.  Gugu is currently completing her Diploma in HR.

    Reshmie Maharaj, Senior Accountant at Puregas has recently passed her qualification as a Professional Accountant (S.A.) and we wish to congratulate her on this achievement.  Reshmie will continue studying towards qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant (CMA) through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

    Bongani Vilakazi – Special Gases plant supervisor is currently studying towards his degree in Operations Management.

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    Royden Vice & Ian Ovenstone.

    Ammonia Online Acquisition

    Royden Vice & Ian Ovenstone.

    Royden Vice & Ian Ovenstone.

    Puregas has acquired Ammonia Online, its second venture into the  Ammonia business  which is based in the Western Cape.  The acquisition took place on 1 July 2015.

    Through this acquisition, Puregas continues to service the refrigerant market as it currently does in JHB, however the acquisition has significantly increased the off-set into the agricultural sector with ammonization of feed stocks and fodder.

    In line with the Puregas culture and core values, Ammonia Online is a customer focused operation with customer service our main differentiator.  We welcome the Employees of Ammonia Online who have all joined the Puregas family and who will retain their views on the importance of customer service being their main focus

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    Going to extremes to ensure availability of gas to valued customers.

    Only one of the many Butane ISO-Tainers imported from Europe and the UAE to service our customers for the month of December.  As is common knowledge the refineries have struggled to keep up with demand and this is one of the ways we have been able to meet local demand.

    These ISO-Tainers are additional to the 5 shipments of pre-blended propellant imported by bulk ship via PE since July.


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    Purgas Partnership Awards 2015

    Purgas Partnership Awards 2015

    The annual Puregas Partnership Awards was held in Sandton on the 30th of September 2015.  Customers, Suppliers, Associates and staff were treated to an evening of great entertainment with the amazing mentalist – Gilan Gork.

    Over the years the celebration has grown and will continue to do so with the inclusion of our other businesses i.e. Ammonia, LPG, Fire Suppression and Special Gases.

    This year, however, awards were once again bestowed upon our propellant customers.  Recognition was given for outstanding efforts in maintaining high safety standards and ensuring they keep ahead of the industry where this is concerned.

    The winners in the different categories were as follows:

    Category A

    Unilever 1st
    Tiger Brands 2nd
    Mpact Paarl 3rd

    Category B

    Vitafoam 1st
    Clarke colours 2nd
    Strand Group/Main-Pak 3rd

    Category C

    Wrapsa 1st
    Prime Products 2nd
    BNG Packaging and Technology 3rd

    Congratulations to all the award winners and we look forward to another successful year of partnering with our Customers and Suppliers.

    Purgas Partnership Awards 2015
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    Rob Clarke Director of Puregas.

    Notice of Rob Clarke’s retirement

    Rob Clarke Director of Puregas.

    Rob Clarke has elected to retire from his role as Managing Director. We thank Rob for his dedicated service to Puregas over the past 5 years and wish him and his family well in the future. Rob will continue with certain projects and business development for Puregas and will remain a director of Puregas.

    I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Cloete as Rob’s successor. Philip, who was previously the Sales and Operations Director, holds degrees in Chemical Engineering, Commerce and an MBA. He is well known amongst our customers and the industry as he has been with Puregas since November 2002 and served as the chairman of the Aerosol Manufacturers Association for 4 years.

    Effective 1 March 2015 Philip will take over as Puregas Managing Director and we wish him every success in his new role.

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    Accident Free

    One million accident free kilometres

    Once again our professional drivers have proven their commitment to safety by achieving one million five hundred accident free kilometres.

    Daily they are on the roads, making it their business to ensure the safety of their vehicles, as well as the motorists with whom we share the highways and by-ways.

    This is a Puregas team effort where every person in the team contributes through awareness, focus and a general positive attitude towards safety.

    Accident Free
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    Flame bending at Puregas

    Flame Bending at Puregas

    Puregas hosted a flame bending exercise for the COJEMS Training Academy, Fire & HAZMAT division during June 2011.

    Divisional Chief, Freddy Thaver who leads the training program strongly believes that the trainees must be exposed to real life situations. Thaver co-ordinates a five week intense training session where the team is exposed to Butane/Propane fire, Radiation emergencies, Hazardous Material spills with practical and theory examinations amongst others.

    Puregas saw this opportunity to get directly involved in the development of the future Fire Fighters of Ekhurhuleni and Johannesburg. Wihan Fourie, SHEEQ Manager for Puregas, emphasized that not only does this contribute to the reassurance of the Petrochemical Industrys protection, but this is an indication of Puregas commitment to the social responsibility they have towards the local community by assisting in training the protectors of the local communities.

    Puregas is well aware of the negativity in the media about the EMS the last couple of months and therefore assists and will continue to assist the Fire Fighter in training to become the rescuers they strive to be.

    Puregas thanks COJEMS for the commitment they have in self-development.

    On the day of the training Puregas provided the LPG for the exercise.

    Flame bending at Puregas
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    NUM’s investment arm thrives even as rest of union loses ground

    mine+copper+coal+miner+xxx+THE National Union of Mineworker’s (NUM’s) investment company has grown its net assets to more than R4bn indicating how well it has thrived in spite of a slowdown in the economy over the past few years.

    The NUM provided the seed capital for the formation of the Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) 20 years ago, and it offers an example of a successful business wing operates in relative isolation from the rest of the union which, has not fared nearly as well.

    According to NUM secretary-general Frans Baleni’s secretariat report circulated at its congress on Wednesday, the MIC — with a net asset value of about R4.1bn — invests in media, financial services, industrial technology, gaming, leisure and rail.

    Mr Baleni said the MIC had increased its shareholding in the First Rand Empowerment Trust to 10.5% and had made new acquisitions, including ones in Puregas, Much Asphalt and Multiknit.

    The link between the company and the union is through the Mineworkers Investment Trust, which was established in 1995. The trust gave MIC R3m from union funds to invest and it has now grown into a multibillion rand investment entity.

    The trust was the sole shareholder of the MIC, said its chief operating officer, Simphiwe Nanise. The MIC pays annual dividends to the trust and these are then dispersed among other NUM-owned agencies such as the JB Marks fund, which disburses bursaries to mineworkers and their families.

    Mr Baleni is the chairman of the JB Marks board.

    The MIC’s dividends are also allocated to the Mineworkers Development Agency, which aids retrenched workers. According to Mr Baleni’s report, the agency had trained 16,539 beneficiaries in food security by helping them plant vegetables in their homes and creating community gardens.

    The national office bearers of the union are the trustees.

    According to insiders, this is among the reasons contests for leadership positions in the union are so intense because trustees can influence the MIC’s investments.

    Mr Nanise said the MIC could invest in any sector it chose except those in which the NUM operated.


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    Lab Africa Expo 2011

    Puregas Speciality Gas department once again exhibited at the Lab Africa Expo 2011 held at the Coca Cola Dome from 7th – 9th June. Despite tight economic times a number of people visited our stand and were suitably impressed with our product range. The exhibition was very active with a wide range of exhibitors displaying a range of laboratory equipment for medical, industrial, research and academic laboratories.

    Visitors were delighted not only with the Speciality Gas equipment on offer, but also the range of calibration mixtures at relatively short lead times. From the large number of new business contacts made at the exhibition, some have already been converted to satisfied customers.

    If you are in need of or searching for ultra high purity gases, certified and traceable complex calibration gas mixtures and high quality gas equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    As part of the strategy in growing the market, we are in the process of installing a cylinder filling plant for filling of pure gases and simple gas mixtures under the Matheson brand name. We believe that this will greatly enhance our ability to fulfil customer needs and grow our special gases business.

    Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and for helping to make Lab Africa 2011 a great success

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    Puregas 40th Anniversary

    Puregas Celebrating 40 Years in the Industry

    Friday the 29th of July saw Puregas celebrating 40 years in the industry – an achievement we are very proud of.

    Goes to show that hard work, smart business acumen, strong leadership, and a dedicated team can accomplish great things!

    To celebrate the event, a lively staff function was held at Cantare Monte Casino. The function included live music as well as the Cantare Madi Gras dancers.

    Accident Free
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