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    MANDELA DAY 2019

    In celebrating the 10th anniversary of Nelson Mandela Day and honouring Madiba’s legacy of generosity and giving as well as his stated desire that South Africans come together to break the cycle of poverty in the country. Puregas spent the day at the Wings of Inspiration Care Centre for the Orphans, this year again staff were challenged to fill up 67 buckets of non-perishable foods.
    Puregas is incredibly proud of its employees who are so willing and eager to be the hands and hearts that makes our purpose to do good in the lives of the children at the centre.

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    MANDELA DAY 2018

    Filling 67 buckets with love and food within 67 minutes was this year’s drive for Mandela Day. Staff were challenged to bring in tins of food to fill the buckets which were being donated to Amcare based in Alberton. Staff exceed the expectation as buckets were filled and delivered to Amcare within 67 minutes.
    Thank you to the Management and Staff at Puregas for the contribution and making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

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    CANSA Shavethon 2018

    Cancer is a threat to everyone and the fight to find a cure is ongoing with many cancer sufferers not being able to afford the treatment that is currently available.

    As part of our Social responsibility and the fact that we’ve had staff as well as members of their families who’ve experienced this dreaded disease, Puregas presented Maria Scholtz – Head Sustainability at CANSA with a donation of R30 000.

    Puregas staff willingly had their hair sprayed in a variety of  colours and with some even shaving all their hair off.

    “Let’s all help and join the fight against cancer!”

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    Mandela Day 2017

    This year’s participation in Mandela day saw management and staff spending play time with the children at the Mosawenkosi Day Care in Vosloorus. Staff were encouraged to take the time from work to participate.

    The theme this year was Education and donations from the staff of puzzles, colouring-in books, crayons, building blocks together with the Puregas contribution made for a fun morning with the children. Rebecca who runs the centre was overjoyed with all the donations, especially the stationery which was in very short supply. The interaction with the children was such a wonderful experience and brought huge smiles to all the faces.

    Puregas continues to support this day care centre and our next project after supplying the ablution facility earlier in the year will be to pave the area. This will allow for a safer area without dust, holes and especially mud in the rainy season.
    For progress on this project, watch this space…

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    Musawenkosi Day Care Arrival of Cleanflush Toilet

    At Puregas we recognise our responsibility to all our stakeholders. One very important stakeholder is the community in which we operate and we believe that giving back to the community is an essential part of having a successful business. Helping to address the needs and concerns of these communities enhances our reputation, entrenches our position in the community and is in line with our goal of being a responsible corporate citizen. One such Social Responsibility project is the support we give to the Musawenkosi Day Care Centre situation in Vosloorus.

    Our most recent project had Rebecca and the little children of the Musawenkosi Day Care overjoyed when the truck arrived carrying their new ablution facility. A crane was required to off-load the facility onto the now cured cement slab – all sponsored by Puregas. Staff scurried to clean the unit while Puregas staff and MD Philip Cloete assisted with placing all the accessories brought along.
    Previously, the only ablution on the property, were two very small long-drop toilets situated in the open which were also very dangerous. After many visits to the day care centre, for various other projects done, Puregas felt it important to give the little ones as well as the adult teachers some dignity. The decision was made to install the “Clear flush Toilet” which was specifically designed for rural areas and took six weeks to manufacture.
    Puregas will maintain this facility which is a self-contained unit with 2 toilets and basins serviced with normal domestic water. After 600 to 700 flushes, regular servicing will be required by pumping the 750-L tank with a Honeysucker.
    The company will continue to support this institution as part of our social responsibility drive as it’s from this very young age that the future leaders of our country are developed and education is key to this.

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    Christmas time at Musawenkosi Day Care Centre

    After spending time with the children from Musawenkosi Day Care during our Mandela day blanket drive, Puregas decided to continue supporting this centre by spoiling the children with a Christmas Party.  Staff joined in the festivities and handed out gifts, goodie bags and lunch.

    The Day Care centre is situated in Vosloorus at the informal settlement called “Wolf”.

    The crèche was founded by Rebecca Mazibuko in 2009 with 6 kids ages 3-5.  She took the 6 kids in because she saw them playing outside in the dirt and having nothing to do because their parents were at work and couldn’t afford to take them to a proper day care due to finances. Now the crèche has about +-57 kids from babies to grade R, 7 of these kids are orphans which she looks after herself.

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    Mandela Day 2016 – Musawenkosi Daycare

    Puregas ran a blanket challenge for Mandela Day where for every one blanket brought in by a staff member, Puregas would donate an additional 10.  When the day finally arrived, the children and teachers from the Musawenkosi Daycare Centre were given these blankets.  Management and staff handed them out in addition to having a fun filled time with snacks and party packs for the children.

    A special thanks was received from Rebecca Skosana who runs the Musawenkosi Daycare Centre in Volsloorus.

    Thank you to all for contributing to this annual event.

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    Puregas – Doing it for the KIDS -Ebenezer Home

    Puregas – Doing it for the KIDS

    Puregas brought a ray of sunshine to the orphans of the Ebenezer Home at a recent Christmas party held for them at Rietvlei Farm. Puregas MD Rob Clarke and staff joined in the fun.

    Through the year the staff at Pugegas have donated clothes, toys, books etc. In addition, a desperately needed bathroom was built with the aid of Puregas thereby improving the living conditions for each and every child and adult living at the Ebenezer Home.

    Puregas – Doing it for the KIDS -Ebenezer Home
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    Spending Time at the Ezibelini School

    There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” Nelson Mandela

    We demonstrated our commitment to social responsibility by looking for an institute that could really benefit from our help. This was not an easy task as there are so many deserving institutions out there that need assistance. After visiting the Ezibelini School (meaning school of mercy) for the physically challenged in Katlehong, Alberton, our decision became a lot easier. Puregas donated 30 beds and mattresses for the children.

    The school caters for learners with multi disabilities. Many learners are incontinent as a result of their severe disabilities and need 24 hour supervision and monitoring. Income to run the school is derived from a government subsidy and only 25 percent of the parents can afford to pay the school fees (R110 for day scholars and R220 for live-in learners per month) as most of the learners come from impoverished backgrounds. Learners range from 5 years to 21 years old and the school provides education and care from Grade R to Grade 9.

    Many of the learners, of whom some are orphans, board at the school and there are not enough beds. It was with this in mind that we decided to donate the beds, after all every child deserves to sleep on their own bed.

    There are many other challenges the school faces, things such as insufficient sporting equipment, no playground for Grade R learners, cots, paint, books for the library, disposable nappies, and the list goes on. Should you be in a position to be able to offer any assistance to the school, please call Kim Isherwood (HR Manager) on 011 903 9760 or contact the school directly on 011 909 3918. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Donating 67 Minutes Of Our Time

    Nelson Mandela Day News Article

    On 18 July Puregas staff, together with the MD Rob Clarke shared a Mac Donald’s lunch with the members of Broken Wings (relying solely on donations) happily giving up 67 minutes of their time.

    Broken Wings is a haven for adults with physical and mental disabilities living in the Alberton, Thokoza and Eden Park areas. Here they are taken care of during the day not only to keep them safe and off the streets, but to give them skills and keep them stimulated. It was with this in mind that Puregas also donated various craft items.

    As part of Puregas’s socio commitment to the community, the company will continue to assist Broken Wings where necessary and try and shorten their needs list.

    “Broken Wingers are human beings with a difference – just more loving”. To read more about Broken Wings and how you can make a difference in their lives please log onto their website or contact Kim on 011 903 9760/

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    Reuven Old Age Home Revamp

    Blessed are they& Blessed are they who understand – My faltering step and shaking hand. Blessed are they who know my ears today – Must strain to hear the things they say. Blessed are they who seem to know – My eyes are dim and my answers slow. Blessed are they who look away – When my tea was spilled at the table today. Blessed are they who with a cheery smile – Will stop to chat for a little while. Blessed are they who never say – “You’ve told that story twice today.” Blessed are they who know my ways – And bring back memories of yesterdays. Blessed are they who ease the days – And care for me in loving ways. Blessed are they who make it known – I’m loved, respected and not alone. Author Unknown

    Puregas, in conjunction with Meals on Wheels participated in revamping the Reuven Old Age Home in Rosetenville, south of Johannesburg.

    Lunch for the day, paint, food hampers and gifts were sponsored by Puregas. A special thank you to Plascon Paints who donated the paint and Fournos Bakery Dunkeld who gave us a discount on the bread rolls.

    The residents of the old age home were appreciative of the new coat of paint their little houses received, as well as the food hampers.

    It doesn’t take much to put a smile on someone’s face and from the looks of things, we were successful

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    Mandella Day 2015

    On one of the coldest days in winter, Friday 17 July, children of the  Imlotweni Informal Settlement (Wattville) were the recipients for Mandella Day 2015.  The children were treated to a hot meal  supplied by Puregas and cooked by the staff of the Ocean Fund, a charity organisation run by Mr Reddy,  as well as bags of toiletries.  Puregas staff contributed to this day by donating items of toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, cream and much more.  Often the most basic things in life are taken for granted when in fact these children might never come across a toothbrush or their own face cloth.  Thank you to Puregas and the staff for their caring and contributions.

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    Meals on Wheels

    Socio Responsibility towards our community is always one of our prioities. 2014 saw Puregas assist Meals on Wheels with their cooking project by installing gas cookers.

    This project included a gas installation as well as the gas cookers for which they were very grateful as it cut down their cooking time.

    Thank you Rob Clarke for agreeing to do this project and to Grant Gas-coigne and his team for doing the actual installation

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