Ammonia Gas Supply in cylinders

    Puregas entered the bulk ammonia business in September 2014 with the acquisition of DNA ammonia to service the northern part of the country and KZN, and has since then introduced a fleet of ammonia cylinders into the business as well acquiring a further bulk ammonia business in Cape Town to service the southern part of the country.

    As with all of the Puregas businesses, customer service and safety are of top priority for us, and we are proud of the positive feedback from our customers in the ammonia market, as well as our unbroken safety record in the business.

    The market segments that we service include:

    • Refrigeration customers – we supply many refrigeration companies with refrigeration grade ammonia either directly or through our extensive network of refrigeration installers. A number of our refrigeration customers are members of International companies, and the standards we need to comply with when supplying these customers are amongst the highest standards in the world
    • Process customers – we have a number of customers that use ammonia as part of their processes in various parts of South Africa
    • Agricultural sector – the application of ammonia to fodder improves the protein content of the fodder, and we supply many farmers across the country with both product and expertise in the “foddering” or “ammonia enrichment” processes which result in substantial cost savings for the farmers
    • Heat Treatment – the use of ammonia in the heat treatment of certain metals to change the surface properties of the metal is a widespread application, and our number of customers in this segment of the market continues to grow
    • Ammonia Recovery – we are able to recover and dispose of (or store) ammonia for our refrigeration customers, which is widely required during maintenance of refrigeration systems

    Our drivers have all been through and passed the rigorous Sasol training programmes and medical tests to enable them to collect product from the Sasol sites. In addition, a number of our employees have passed the “Safe Handling of Ammonia” programmes.

    We understand that the delivery of ammonia is often required urgently, and the costs of not receiving the product can be huge, and to meet our customers’ expectations we offer 24 hour standby via cell phone, and have drivers on call 24 hours/day and 365 days/year.