Blessed are they& Blessed are they who understand – My faltering step and shaking hand. Blessed are they who know my ears today – Must strain to hear the things they say. Blessed are they who seem to know – My eyes are dim and my answers slow. Blessed are they who look away – When my tea was spilled at the table today. Blessed are they who with a cheery smile – Will stop to chat for a little while. Blessed are they who never say – “You’ve told that story twice today.” Blessed are they who know my ways – And bring back memories of yesterdays. Blessed are they who ease the days – And care for me in loving ways. Blessed are they who make it known – I’m loved, respected and not alone. Author Unknown

Puregas, in conjunction with Meals on Wheels participated in revamping the Reuven Old Age Home in Rosetenville, south of Johannesburg.

Lunch for the day, paint, food hampers and gifts were sponsored by Puregas. A special thank you to Plascon Paints who donated the paint and Fournos Bakery Dunkeld who gave us a discount on the bread rolls.

The residents of the old age home were appreciative of the new coat of paint their little houses received, as well as the food hampers.

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on someone’s face and from the looks of things, we were successful

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